PYJC02  description

Model: PYJC02


Able to connect with strain gauge load cell at resistance of 350-800 ohm, excitation 5~15V DC (TVS pipe Umax=18V)


- Selection of connection mode: JXH-xB for parallel mode; JXH- xC for serial mode
- For quantity of load cell: 4, 6, 8
- Model: PYJC02-4S; PYJC02-6S; PYJC02-8S; PYJC02-4E; PYJC02-6E;PYJC02-8E
- High precision potentiometer
- Selection of stainless steel  housing, aluminum housing, plastic housing
- For parallel mode, wire connection method with selection of compacting or welding
- For parallel mode, equipped  with TVS pipe
- Customized for 10 wire


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